The butterfly and the pig, Shawlands

The butterfly and the pig, Shawlands

The butterfly and the pig arrived in the Southside in January 2015. Located at the iconic Corona Bar, its shabby chic interior and quirky menus are similar to its Bath Street sister venue.

Bar ~ Restaurant

The butterfly and the pig provides diners with traditional scottish breakfasts, afternoon and high teas.

It also offers a wide choice of hearty meals made to traditional recipes using local fresh ingredients. From everyones favourites; burgers, fish and chips to more special dishes of the day such as lamb cutlets or haggis the restaurant is open throughout the day, seven days a week.

It’s very family friendly, dog friendly and generally just very friendly.

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In the evenings, the lively bar hosts live entertainment from resident bands at the weekends to quiz nights and open mic nights throughout the week. With a wide variety of draught lagers, ales, craft beers, vodkas, bourbons, rums, gins, wines and cocktails there is something for everyone.

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